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Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God....

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Internet Ministry has been established to reach all of our parishioners, as we are unable to attend regularly due to social distancing measures that have been put into place. By offering this ministry via the internet, it allows us all to stay connected to our faith and to our church.


Although we prefer to have you with us in person, we know that it is not always possible and hope our live streaming services will be the next best thing.


Here, you will be able to view our live services, read our weekly bulletin as well as our monthly newsletters. Check back here regularly for updates and archived services.

Live Stream Broadcasting

Holy Week Schedule

2020 Holy Week Schedule and Study Guide 

print it and follow along at home!

Find activities and resources for Holy Week From Home 

Saturday, April 11: Saturday of Lazarus

Orthros 8:00am, Divine Liturgy 9:15 am

Sunday, April 12: Palm Sunday

Orthros 8:00am, Divine Liturgy 9:30am


Sunday, April 12: Nymphios Service



Monday, April 13: Nymphios Service


Tuesday, April 14: Nymphios Service with Hymn of Kassiane



Wednesday, April 15: Holy Unction Service

5:30 pm

Wednesday, April 15: Last Supper Orthros Service


Thursday, April 16: Holy Thursday Vesperal Liturgy (The Last Supper)



Thursday, April 16: Service of the Twelve Passion Gospels



Friday, April 17: Royal Hours of Holy Friday


Friday, April 17: Holy Friday Apokathelosis Vespers



Friday, April 17: Epitaphios Service


Saturday, April 18: Holy Saturday Vesperal Liturgy


Saturday, April 18: Service of the Light, Pascha



Sunday, April 19: Agape Vespers


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Virtual Donations Help Sustain our Church

Our church counts on the donations and offerings of its parishioners. We ask during this time that you feel comfortable making your contributions virtually.

Here are some ways to give:

Easter Food

Make your 2022 Paschal Offering

Paschal offerings are crucial to sustaining our Church throughout the Spring.

Church Candles

Light a Candle!

Let us light a red candle on your behalf, you will be able to send a special message that this candle honors.

A Parish Council Member will light this candle for you after service.


Virtual Tray

Make an offering as you would if you were at service.

Divine Liturgy

Follow the Divine Liturgy on your phones with an app

Follow along on your computer with text and music

Christian Light

Read our weekly bulletin as well as our monthly newsletter, Christian Light.

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