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 Christian giving is a responsive act. It represents gratitude to God. It is a symbol of self-giving. Therefore, giving is not a once-for-all event, but a regular part of life. It is a spiritual discipline that reminds us who we are and whose we are. Stewardship dues are the primary means of support for our church. Without these contributions we face difficulties operating our church to its fullest potential.


Many options are available to make giving easier.


Within our Church we have many organizations and committes that share  the common goal of enriching the fellowship experience and giving back to our surrounding community.


We learn how to live as Christians together, supporting and guiding one another. Fellowship with one another requires hospitality, that is, being friends and being friendly.

Discover the organizations and committes within our church and Greek Orthodox community.


Remembering your family and friends with an honorary or memorial gift to the church is a beautiful act of kindness.  Donations can be given in honor of births, baptisms, weddings, name days, holidays or in memory.

Businesses also have an opportunity to donate through sponsorships both monetarily and through in-kind donations. Advertise in our church newsletter, at our Church Festival or even donate supplies for our Sunday School. Sponsorship opportunities are endless.  General donations can also be made here.


In 2015, we began a major beautification project for the Church, starting with the repair of the dome, interior repainting of the beloved icons, and re-installation of the chandelier.

In 2016, we replaced the old heating system and water heaters with new high-efficiency units.

In 2017, the carpeting in the entire Church was replaced with beautiful ceramic floor. The church was also made completely handicap accessible. 

Many improvements are still needed and can be obtained by your gracious giving. 

Click the Donate button below to make a donation to the Building Fund

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